Kitchen Remodeling

Throughout history the kitchen has been one of, if not the, most important rooms in a home. This is where nourishment was prepared and families gathered for sharing quality time. This still holds true for a great many families today. There are numerous reason why families choose to renovate their kitchens. In some cases, they may be outdated or have become boring. In other cases, the family has grown and needs more space to prepare meals. There are many different routes to take when deciding exactly how to remodel your kitchen and AMRO Constructions has the experience as well as the in depth skill to help you build your dream kitchen.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

Our team members are professionally trained in all areas of kitchen remodeling. While the internet offers a great place to search for ideas, our experts can also be of invaluable assistance. We will visit your home and discuss your ideas with you. We will review your budget, or in the event that you do not have one in place, we will be happy to help you create one.

We will most likely have or be able to order everything you need to build your dream kitchen. If it happens that we do not have or cannot order all of your materials, we have extensive experience finding the best deals for the highest quality products and supplies. We have been working with the same wonderful engineers and designers for almost 20 years now. Our contractors will treat your home with the exact same respect that they treat their own and we only work with professionals who follow this same principle.  

Once we have an idea of the changes you want to make in your kitchen we will discuss costs, materials, and time frames with you. Rest assured that out team will consult you every step of the way. We will assist you in selecting the proper quality materials for the project at the lowest possible cost. We will never present you with inferior products as only the absolute best is good enough for our clients. You will be placing your family’s home in our hands and we take that very seriously. We did not set out to be the biggest or richest company in the industry. Our goal was, and still is, to provide the highest quality workmanship to our clients found anywhere in the business.

Modernize the Kitchen

Our team will visit your home to inspect your kitchen to determine the most expedient and effective route to take for your unique project. The inspection is one of the most important steps of the renovation process. This will help us in deciding which methods to implement for the most productive outcome. It will also allow us to proceed proactively to prevent setbacks and delays before they ever arise.

For example, if you are updating your kitchen appliances and your dish washer has presented issues we will check for water damage to the floor. This way, if it is necessary, we can install a subfloor before installing the new dish washer. It is always better to be prepared for the future with no emergencies actually arising than to be caught completely off guard.

We will present you with a wide variety of choices which fall under your precise budget and preferences. Once we have inspected the site and you have selected your materials we will begin systematically replacing your old worn out items with state of the art appliances. We will also be happy to replace all of your old plumbing fixtures with bright shiny new ones as well as install new flooring, if you so choose.

Total Renovation

Our team of experts at AMRO Constructions is professionally educated in all kitchen renovation procedures and we will be happy to provide you with a new kitchen which will exceed your wildest expectations. Our contractors will inspect your old kitchen and sit down to discuss your project. We have the skill to rebuild your entire kitchen from the floor up. Every member of AMRO Constructions is well versed in all of the local building regulations and strict safety codes. In many cases, you are required to obtain certain permits for tasks such as rewiring and/or plumbing.

We will not only inform you of which permits are required, but ensure that you obtain everything you need for your kitchen remodeling project. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in heavy fines. These codes are put in place for safety reasons which means non-compliance can also result in disaster. Rest assured, we know exactly which ones you need and where to acquire them from.

Place your trust in our hands and allow us to deliver the kitchen you have always wanted for your home. Kitchen renovation depends upon the size and shape of your existing kitchen. While we will do everything in our power to deliver precisely what your family wants, we will explain alternatives to your plan in the event that it simply is not possible.

Your Complete Satisfaction

We will do our very best to retain your family continuity by allowing you to remain in the home while we are completing your project. We will also provide you with relevant and timely updates on our progress so you know exactly what is going on. In the event that it would be hazardous for you, your family, and/or your pets to remain in the home during construction, we will provide you with plenty of time to make arrangements. Your family’s safety is f the utmost importance to us.

We will specify designated danger areas for you and your family to be aware of throughout the entire process. We will never leave your home in disarray. Our team will clean up after themselves. They will leave your property in peak condition and your kitchen better than it ever was. You can count on us as we will never leave you out to dry. Our intention is to ensure your complete satisfaction for years to come. Feel free to ask us any questions before, during, and after your project is complete. We will do our best to address all of your concerns and alleviate all of your worries.