Finished Basements

AMRO Constructions is your number one source for finished basement services. You can put your mind at ease by placing your basement project in our competent and caring hands. We have the skill to assist you in designing your new basement and the experience to make it the most beautiful level of our home. There are several benefits of finishing your basement. Many home owners do not realize what kind of extensive potential actually lies in finishing the lowest level of their homes.

Remodeling your bathroom or renovating your kitchen can obviously increase the resale value of your home. You should consider the exciting, untapped potential of renovating your basement. This endeavor will dramatically increase the overall value of your entire property. It is important to only trust this type of project to a well trained professional contractor. There are many details that absolutely must be attended to. Allowing an untrained individual to handle this type of project could very well result in disaster, heartache, and empty pockets.


The list of options for finishing your basement is nearly endless. One reason many home owners choose this particular project is because they children are grown and have moved away to college. Some choose to turn it into an apartment which can be rented for additional income. Yet one more potential for financial gain could be altering your basement into an office for a new startup business. Consider the renovation of your basement space to create a family fun room with games and a home theater or an all-around gathering area. These types of spaces are great for large family holiday celebrations.

Consider going all out and having a bathroom as well as a kitchen in the basement. Everything you need to prepare and throw those big parties is right there. No one will have to run up and down the stairs tireless times. Another idea that is very popular is adding a laundry room to this area. The list of exciting possibilities is truly endless. Hiring our professional team will allow you and your family to enjoy the fun of the designing and decorating while we take care of all of the tiresome details.

The economy has seen better days and an investment like this is well worth the cost. Many multiple tier families are choosing to live together. Kids are moving home to their parents’ properties to raise their own children. The basement is an ideal place for a budding and flourishing little family. This arrangement also helps all household members meet financial ends within the safety of family as well as build upon its legacy for future generations.

Our Expert Basement Finishing Services

Remember that our expert team always considers your family’s continuity. Basement finishing does not create the same level of home disruption as other types of remodeling projects. There are very few reasons why this should interfere with your day to day living. Our team consists of individuals who are well trained and well-rounded in all levels of building and crafting. We will inspect your basement, provide your affordable quote, and compete the whole project in the least amount of time possible.

One of our professionals will sit with you and your family to discuss your budget and your ideas. Once we know exactly what your dream is we will proceed to make it a reality. You will be presented with your many exciting style and design options. Our team is familiar with the highest quality suppliers and the most professional designers in the area. We will confer with you every step of the way and finish your basement to meet you greatest expectations. It is all up to you and your family. We consider you part of the team and you are the captain calling the shots. No one on our team will ever insist that you must purchase something that is not required. We will only suggest your best options and follow your lead.

Inspection and Prep

One essential reason that it is important to hire a competent professional to finish your basement concerns the initial inspection and preparation. You basement must be carefully examined for existing issues and the potential of future damage. It is vital that any issues are addressed and resolved before any building or remodeling ever begins. If this important step is neglected, it could lead to further damage as well as incur extremely expensive fees for repairs. The most significant reason for the inspection is for the safety of you and your family. This will prevent dangerous mishaps in the future.

After the inspection our team will inform you of anything that must be done in preparation as well as which permits will be required before your project can begin. There are those who will say that permits are not truly necessary, but this is not accurate. Permits are designed to trigger inspections and ensure that everything is completed to building code ad fire regulation specifications. We have been in the construction business here in North Carolina for almost 20 years. We are well educated about the proper procedures, which permits are essential, and how to obtain them.

All Levels of Building and Remodeling

Call AMRO Constructions today and inquire about our many affordable, professional services. Finishing basements is far from all that we do. We would be delighted to be your first option for all of your family’s construction needs. Our team is experienced in bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovating, and many other services designed to renew or completely redesign.

We also provide a number of excellent flooring services as well. Our team members are highly trained to install hard wood floors, laminate, and ceramic tile. We are well versed in drywall and painting projects. Our company provides professional and expedient roofing services. We can even come out and build a deck for you and your family to enjoy in your outdoor living area. Your complete satisfaction is our highest objective and this is our solemn promise to you.







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