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A Little About Us

Get to Know Us

Welcome to the AMRO Constructions Company website. Let us tell you why you should allow us to be your first choice for all of your construction and building needs. We have devoted ourselves to our loyal clients for almost 20 years now. Our field of concentration is new homes construction; however, we provide professional remodeling and home improvement services as well. We are proud to say that we have built a successful and flourishing business right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are now able offer building services in several other areas and we know that we owe this to our loyal clients.

Modest Start

The AMRO Constructions Company was established in 1997 by implementing several extremely important ideologies, codes, and philosophies. These are what we founded our company on and that which continues to motivate us toward our future goals. We take great pride in stating that our reputation is built upon quality and dependability. We provide honest home construction assessment and quotes. Our highest goal is your undying devotion and complete satisfaction. We are not satisfied until we have exceeded our clients’ expectations. We only conduct business with designers and manufacturers who feel as strongly as we do about these priorities.

Experience is Our Teacher

Our entire team is highly skilled and professionally experienced working on even the most challenging projects. Our clients are of the utmost importance to us and we realize that each project must be based on individual client needs. Let us help you with the details such as strict budgeting, difficult scheduling, and irregular project sites. We will walk with you every step of the way providing vital scheduling updates and progress details in a timely manner. Place your trust in us and allow our family to help yours achieve your dreams.

As mentioned, we have been here going on two decades so we are well aware of essential details such as up to date fire regulations, building codes, and zoning statutes. We know which permits are needed as well as the most expedient method of obtaining them. While profit is important, it is not our driving force. We will never ask you to even consider purchasing anything that is not necessary. We can also put you in touch with the best designers and manufacturers who offer the lowest prices. We only conduct business with those who place customer satisfaction well above all other goals. We never use inferior materials for our projects. Only the elite is good enough for our clientele and we will not ask you to settle for anything less.

Step by Step Guidance

There are an almost overwhelming number of details involved in all building projects. This can quickly get out of hand and be exhaustingly frustrating, especially for first timers. Rest assured that our kind and attentive staff will be with you every single step of the way. We have the experience to take the frustration out of your new home project. This will allow you and your family to enjoy every detail of your exciting new adventure. You and your family can have fun with the decision process while we take care of the tedious details.

Save Money while Protecting the Environment

Our staff is familiar with cost cutting and eco-friendly building options. We will be very pleased to inspect your site and evaluate your project in order to provide you with all of your great option. We know where corners may be cut to save money and where it is totally out of the question due to safety and/or quality. We can inform you of which building options will save a ton of money in the long run as well as those that qualify for tremendous tax breaks.  

Keep in mind that none of this will force you to sacrifice the quality of materials or the safety of your family. The satisfaction and safety of your entire family is our ultimate goal. You are the captain of our team during the process of your construction project. You can rest assured placing your project in our caring, professional hands. We will present all of your options to you as well as the costs, advantages, and disadvantages thereof. We will immediately inform and consult you should any issues arise; however, our team has the expert knowledge to prevent most, if not all, of these. We will only proceed with your project in the manner which you choose. You and your family are much more important to us than any amount of profit.

Going on 20 Years of Exponential Growth and Success

The main focus of AMR Constructions is new home construction projects; however, we have completed numerous beautifully successful renovation and remodeling projects as well. We can remodel your kitchen or install a brand new outdoor deck. Our team members are extremely meticulous almost to a fault. We will not be satisfied until you feel that you project is absolutely perfect. We approach and complete all projects with the same enduring respect and devoted professionalism regardless of size or complexity.

We believe in giving back to our community 150%. Every business decision we make is with respect to our neighbors and community. North Carolina is our home and you are our family. We want to help our economy and community grow as well as prosper. We firmly believe that we owe every ounce of our amazing success to the loyal residents of this great land.

We Will Not Settle for Less

AMRO Construction will only consult or employ outside entities which apply sustainable practices and place a high priority on clients. This is what we do and expect no less from anyone we work with. We use the most ecologically sound materials available on the market for all projects, great and small. We feel that we are responsible not simply for our community, but for the foot print we leave on this planet. We strive to do all that is in our power to safely pass it on to our children for we know that they are our future.

We Look Forward to Hearing from You

We encourage you to contact one of our building professionals now and ask about our new homes construction and/or remodeling services. We would be pleased to help you with any or all of your building projects. Feel free to ask about our services, costs, and options or set up an appointment to discuss your family’s needs today. We will not rest until all of your questions have been answered and concerns satisfactorily addressed.