AMRO Constructions has expansive experience and in depth knowledge of all levels of bathroom remodeling. We would be happy to work with you to completely redesign your current bathroom or to simply update its plumbing, fixtures, and features. There are many different reasons families decide to renovate their bathrooms. In some cases, children move away to attend college and mom wants to make the area a mini spa. In other cases, the family has grown and needs to enlarge the bath area or even have an addition bathroom installed into the home. Regardless of your reasoning we have the skills and knowledge to design and install a brand new bathroom to suit your family’s needs.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

AMRO Constructions has been providing bathroom remodeling and installation services for over 10 years now. Our staff is not only professionally experienced in these matters, but is family oriented. We cohesively work together as a highly functioning team to provide our clients with exactly what they need. Our team members are in constant communication with each other, headquarters, and clients during the entire remodeling process. This ensures that the project moves forward quickly and smoothly.

We will dispatch team members to your home to inspect your project site and determine how best to move forward with your project. We will consult with you and your family to obtain a clear idea of what steps should be taken. Your opinions are important to us as they are the heart of the project.

We will review and discuss your budget with you. If you do not have one at this point, we can assist you in designing one. Our team will inform you about what must be accomplished, in what time frame, and at what cost. We will always do our very best to ensure you receive the lowest end cost possible. We will never sacrifice quality in order to save money or generate profit. We do not pressure our clients into unnecessary purchases. Your complete satisfaction is our highest goal.    

Modernize You Bathroom

One of the most popular reasons for remodeling any room is to update it. Technology continues to march ever forward bringing with it modern items with new, handy features. Another wonderful reason to modernize your bathroom is to make it eco-friendly. Everyone today it seems is basing both their personal and professional decisions on that which is as eco-conscious as possible.

We strive to use only products and supplies which are sustainable and ecologically responsible. We can install an energy efficient hot water tank and/or a low flow toilet in your new bathroom. These measures save both money and the environment. We would also be thrilled to sit down with you and discuss all of the ways you can green your new bathroom.

Call us and ask for the options available to spruce up your bathroom. We can repaint it, install new flooring, and replace all of the old fixtures. There are many small tasks which are simple and inexpensive which can change the entire mood of your bathroom. Perhaps we can brighten your bathroom by painting with soft colors and installing a skylight. Simple changes can dramatically impact the décor an entire room.

Complete Overhaul

The contractors at AMRO Constructions are experienced in bathroom remodeling as well as building. Many times when children leave for college the parents decide to renovate the whole house. There are great income possibilities in refinishing the basement to create an apartment to rent. No apartment is complete without a nice bathroom. We can freshen up the current bathroom or build a new one in your basement for future tenets. Many couples also decide to have a luxury master bathroom when the kids move out.

We will be happy to inspect the area for your new bathroom and assist you in choosing a design as well as purchasing the materials. We know where to find all of the top brands at the lowest prices. We can guide you through all of the necessary steps while eliminating hassle, heartache, and confusion. Allow us to shoulder the important details and responsibility so your family can enjoy the excitement.

From Launch to Well Beyond

We owe our success to all of our loyal customers and our top priority is always their satisfaction at the end of the day. Give our team the honor of attending to all of the details so that you and your family may relax and take care of more pressing matters. We will never neglect any detail because all of them are essential regardless of size. After we have inspected your site and assessed your project we will inform you of everything which must be done. We will provide you with an honest estimate and timely schedule.

We are very familiar with local matters such as weather patterns as well as building codes and safety regulations. We are aware of which permits are required, where to obtain them, and how much they cost. We will advise you of energy saving measures to protect your home from unpredictable weather elements and your bank account from outrageous future costs. We will keep you well informed about updates, what has been completed, and what remains.

Our team is not only professional, but kind and courteous. We will respect your privacy, your family, and treat you home as we would our own. We will immediately notify you, if we run into any emergencies or delays and consult you about the best steps to continue forward. Our team will clean up the entire work area. We will never leave your home in disarray.

Rest assured that we are here for you after your project has been completed in the event that you have question or concerns. Feel free to call on us before, during, and/or after the project. We do not believe our professional relationship is over simply because the project is complete. We will always do everything in our power to address your concerns and answer your questions. While we value you as a client, we value your happiness, safety, and loyalty much more. After all, you and your family are the heart of our success.










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