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AMRO Constructions has been in the remodeling and building business for more than 10years now. We have vast knowledge and have amassed extensive experience in all types of flooring projects. We can provide flooring repair or installation in an expedient manner at the lowest cost available on the market. We are familiar with top brand names, best suppliers, and most reliable product markets.

We strive to seek out only the companies who employ sustainable and eco-friendly business practices such as reforestation. We only deal with product manufacturers who deliver high quality products for the least expensive prices possible. We do our best to utilize recycled or recyclable materials in order to leave the smallest foot print humanly possible.

Inspection: Make or Break a Project

One of the most important steps of any building or remodeling project is the inspection. This may be even truer for flooring projects. We will come to you to inspect your project site. We are well aware of exactly what to look for during the inspection. We will examine your floor for possible damages which may have been caused by water leaks, insects, and/or aging. If it is necessary, we will install subflooring. If new flooring is installed over existing damage, not only will it cause further damage to the foundation, but it will destroy the new flooring. In most all situations, damage is caused by underlying issues. We will be happy to resolve those issues and repair the damage prior to installing any new flooring.

Flooring Options

One of the determining factors of purchasing flooring materials is the home budget. We will be happy to assist you with this as well as inform you of your many exciting options for brand new flooring. One of the first decisions you must make after determining how much money is in the budget is which type of flooring best suits your home and family. There are a number of questions to carefully consider to narrow your range of choices. Both hardwood and laminate flooring can vary greatly in price as well as style. Allow our professionals to assist you in the decision process.

The Choice is yours

One of the main reasons individuals choose hardwood over laminate flooring is the sheer beauty. Hardwood floors are a gorgeous and elegant addition to any home. They can either provide a rustic, natural look or an exquisite, luxury appeal. Hardwood is also generally much more expensive and less durable compared to laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is usually a smaller investment and a great deal more durable. Laminate is also available in many styles including those deigned to resemble hardwood. It really depends upon which suits your family and home the best. Most homeowners believe that laminate flooring is easier to clean. Hardwood floors often require immediate attention after a spill and more specialized cleaning care on a routine basis.

We are highly skilled and have vast experience installing both types of floors. We can review your options with you along with the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one to install. We will be happy to present the available patterns and styles with you while considering your unique budget. Another option is to have hardwood flooring installed in the den, dining, and/or living room areas and laminate installed in more vulnerable areas such as the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Installation Preparation

Once the inspection and estimate steps are complete it will be time to schedule the actual flooring installation. In the event that the inspection reveals a need for any subflooring, that must be installed first. There are several items to discuss before the installation begins. We will provide you with information concerning what steps you should take to prepare for your new flooring installation. There may also be several steps that we must take before your installation actually begins. For example, as mentioned, when we inspect we will determine if you also need any subflooring installed to reinforce you current floor. We will also let you know what should be moved from the area before we begin.

Keep in mind that we provide a wide variety of building and remodeling services. You may want to refinish your basement to turn it into an apartment for your college student. We would be thrilled to inspect your basement and provide a fair and affordable quote for you. We can install new hardwood or laminate flooring creating a whole new look from the floor up. Rest assured that we will be inspecting your basement floor and/or foundation to ensure that it has no cracks or unseen damage. Should we find any such damage, we will also provide an honest quote for fixing it prior to any other project.

Creative Options

We focus on new homes construction projects and would be happy to take it one step further to install the type of flooring you want for your dream home. We can also inform and advise you about durability, styles, costs, and long term care for your new floor. This will allow you to determine which flooring best suits you family’s new home. We also provide home greening and energy saving options for all of our projects. As more and more individuals are becoming eco-conscious they are also learning that energy saving steps save money as well as protect the environment. These are always wonderful options for any new home owners.

Excellent Time Management

Our professional floor installation team works together and multitasks every flooring project. We do this to save as much of your valuable time as possible. We realize that our clients lead extremely busy lives leaving almost no space for quality family time. Be sure to let the team know, if you need floor repair services for another room. They will be happy to make quick work of chipped bathroom tiles while they are there installing your beautiful new hard wood floors in your dining room. We will provide you with old world craftsmanship in a time frame which is convenient for you and your family.